A lesson on hate.

hate is such an ugly emotion. it rattles around in our pockets like loose change. & if someone just so happens to bump into us, it pours out like all our pride shattering onto a tile floor. we fall to our knees, scattered, trying to pick up the pieces. salvaging ourselves. in hopes that people […]

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wild one.

i wasn’t looking for anything that day. i wasn’t looking for anyone when i met you. quite honestly, i wasn’t planning on falling for anyone anytime soon. the possibility of even meeting you outside of newton’s walls seemed like one in a million. i honestly never even thought we’d be sharing air other than when […]

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lovin love.

it was friday morning & my sister & i were getting breakfast with a friend of ours in nc. from the booth we were in, i had a clear view of the door. & on his way out was an older man who went to my old church there. i spotted him & my friend […]

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this heart.

“honey please write something i need to hear your heart,” she said.   as i came across the comment, i stopped scrolling through my notifications & thought a moment. my heart? this woman wants to hear my heart? well you’d think with how long it’s been since the last time I shared my heart with […]

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beautiful, messy, summer.

the trees left shadows dancing across our faces as atley’s jeep turned into the old church parking lot on lovers lane. anna & i immediately opened our doors kicking off our heels as we rushed out & high tailed it towards the creek leaving our boys behind, like the loving girlfriends we are. the four […]

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