this heart.

“honey please write something i need to hear your heart,” she said.   as i came across the comment, i stopped scrolling through my notifications & thought a moment. my heart? this woman wants to hear my heart? well you’d think with how long it’s been since the last time I shared my heart with […]

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beautiful, messy, summer.

the trees left shadows dancing across our faces as atley’s jeep turned into the old church parking lot on lovers lane. anna & i immediately opened our doors kicking off our heels as we rushed out & high tailed it towards the creek leaving our boys behind, like the loving girlfriends we are. the four […]

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to the one who carries me.

i walked through the back door to a table set for two. & as i slipped my shoes off, a smile immediately crept over my face. i remembered the text he’d sent me earlier that day… “i’m gonna cook you dinner tonight,” he said. which in my mind meant pasta… or grilled cheese maybe? something […]

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this week i’ve given my fingers a rest in the texting & scrolling department & i tried to get them used to holding a pen again. i sat on my bed monday night & absolutely tore my brain apart looking for a word. any word. something i could rack my mind over this week. a […]

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still taming the lions.

in my english class,  i’m reading some excerpts from a story about a bunch of pothead friends who begin an entire generation of writers & story making. the author talks a ton about drugs, sex, inadequate housing & crappy jobs – but of all that junk there WAS something in one of his excerpts that […]

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confession time.

wanna hear a confession? something i’ve slowly started to grip about myself? something that i’m not too proud of? my #1 challenge with being a christian has been this – loving God more than man. there. i said it.   i know. that sounds ridiculous, right? it’s so ridiculous, i’ve debated throughout the entire writing […]

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