hi, i’m chlo:

& this is my little corner of the web, where i am going to be honest & vulnerable & share my story as i go & hopefully inspire others to share theirs as well.

i’ve always been a big advocator for sharing hearts. even when it doesn’t feel good to be transparent. because what i’ve found in this broken & achey, small little life – what i’ve found makes me feel most alive… is sharing my pain with someone who is really listening. somebody who truly cares enough to ask me to keep spilling.

even if that means the bad stuff. even if it feels like dumping your dirty laundry in front of a total stranger, saying, “this is me & all my ugly.”



people & pain are odd & personal things. there’s no right or wrong way it’s suppose to look on paper.

it’s so easy to let shame & pain rule our lives. to let them hold us back from connecting with other humans. from showing them our whole hearts, not just parts of it.

that’s why creating requires sacrifice. it means giving up bits of yourself. it calls us to bite our tongues & leave room for grace & redemption.


i may not know you, but you my friend are the reason behind this place.

i am here to tell you that you are loved. hard. by a God who shed real blood on a real tree for real people, like the both of us.

this blood is what covers sin. rids us of our filth. calls us to ditch our pride, our hate, our selfishness. & trade it all in for real freedom. when we have absolutely nothing to give. nothing that is worthy. it leaves us whole. a tangible kind of fulfilled. it’s something i can hardly explain, it’s so good.

it’s our ticket outta here, guys. it’s up to you to take it & run with it & love others through it.

& that’s what this is all about. loving so hard it hurts. everyone & everything & all that lies in between.


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