hi, my name is chloe & this is me in a nutshell :

i’m a gal from ohio, who was uprooted & replanted for two years in north carolina, where i found love & grace from Jesus, along with some other individuals who made a serious impact on my life & changed me for the better. i’m currently back in the buckeye state just trying to get by, get good grades, & show others the Light of My Savior.

i’m more unsure than i’ve ever been these days, but i understand the meaning of grace more than i ever have, & i’m constantly learning to love bigger than any way i’ve ever tried before.

we may not know each other, we may never… but i’m here to tell you that you are loved. you’re loved so hard. i may be broken, you may be broken, we may be broken. but i feel you, man. i feel FOR you. i see you. i get you in ways i wish i didn’t.

life may not be the easiest thing to look at or even talk about right now, because it’s broken & messy & full of imperfection. but it’s like this to show us that no matter what’s written in the past, we are loved & we are to love. & once you submit to that, it somehow becomes natural. almost a necessity.

there’s this song my friend & i sing to each other every once in a while (when we’re in the same state) & it goes “for the God above is the God of love”…… yadda yadda yadda – little girl sleep in peace. but this song holds so much truth no matter who you are. whether you’re a student in high school just trying to make it, stay under the radar… or your a grown adult taking on “grown adult stuff”. God shed real blood on a real tree for real people, like you & me. this blood is what covers our sins. it rids us of our filth; our pride, our hate, our selfishness. it’s what bails us out of jail, when we don’t deserve it… it’s our ticket outta here, guys. it’s up to you to take it. to take it & run with it & love others through it.

that’s what this is all about. loving so hard it hurts. everyone & everything & all that lies in between.


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