learning to love the sky you’re under.

alex made me climb a mountain the other day.


& we’re in the middle of a drought over here, so not only was this mountain straight up & made of dry, loose dirt – but i was wearing toms so the task seemed all the more utterly impossible.

he was halfway to the top & i hadn’t even reached the first tree yet without slipping & dusting myself in dirt. i was at a loss because going off the trails was usually my thing!

i looked up at him, feeling defeated, with nothing to say except “i just can’t do this, dude“.

& i was 100% convinced that was the truth.

so after making his way back down to retrieve his pathetic gf & encouraging me the whole rest of the way up, I DID IT.

i grabbed his outstretched hand & let him lift me to the first tree, of which i completely bear-hugged like the tree-huggin’ hippie i wish i was.

i leaned so close to the ground & made my way up behind al. considerably behind.

i grabbed onto every root, every tree, every possible thing my fingers could tug on to. then the trail was flat.

praise Jesus we had reached the top.

our lungs were huffin’ & puffin’ & my cheeks were (i can only imagine) all shades of red. he sprawled out on the entire bench at the top & left no room for exhausted chlo. fortunately for him, i was too tired to even attempt to tickle him into giving me some room.



i leaned over the back of the bench to glare at him. but his smile & pretty blue eyes talked me out of it.

i looked up at the blue sky outstretching its arms across the rest of the world. it went beyond just us. beyond just our little neck of the woods.

& the idea of that is so dreamy to me.

it’s so crazy how up above everything can be so calm, so perfect & blue. while down below, we find ourselves tainted by hardships & chaos. hardened by pain.

the sky overlooks all of it.

our situations may be hopelessly different, i can guarentee they are. but at the end of the day, you & me – were all livin under the same big sky.

the hard part is learning to love the sky you’re under.

seeing/knowing the place you’re at & loving it. owning it.

finding a way to be proud of it.


we caught our breaths & began making our way back towards the parking lot.

before we reached it, we made one last stop down by the pond to talk life for a while.


we sat cross legged on the bench in front of each other, staring, wandering who was going first.

i never go first, so this time it was my turn.



he listened intently as i unloaded every thought that my mind had held captive over those last couple of days.

he grabbed both my hands & we continued to talk & stare at each other & try to figure out this whole life-thing.

we talked Creation & the universe & God & love & science & other big subjects.

all that bigger stuff reminded me how small i am.

“i mean, there’s this whole entire universe out there filled with planets & comets, & here we are, tiny humans on earth,” he said.

(again, something along those lines…)

& he was right.


my mind is blown by the way God makes Himself known to us. the tallest mountains being just a glimpse of His glory. the friendship i’ve found in my relationship with al – just a taste of what all God has for me.


hot dang. God is so freaking good.

what a joy that comes from knowing my Creator.


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