wild one.

i wasn’t looking for anything that day. i wasn’t looking for anyone when i met you. quite honestly, i wasn’t planning on falling for anyone anytime soon.

the possibility of even meeting you outside of newton’s walls seemed like one in a million. i honestly never even thought we’d be sharing air other than when we passed each other in the hallways nearly three years ago.

but somehow, we beat the odds.


i was back home in ohio, making my way through my first weeks of junior year at east. & you were just starting senior year at newton. a place i love dearly, but you dread with a passion.

i walked through your front door with jalyn & lish, immediately thinking holy heck this is the homiest place i’ve ever set foot in. & every single time since then, that same thought has crossed my mind.

i showed up that day simply to swim with a bunch of freshmans & i left with a oober cute blue eyed blondie for a homecoming date & how that all happened is kinda like a mixed up dream to me.

i remember telling myself half a dozen times “it’s just homecoming… nothing more.”

& that was all fine & dandy. because i wasn’t looking for anything more, remember?

but the idea of going to homecoming with some guy i barely knew still seemed so sketch to me. so i told it how it was,

“i really appreciate you taking me. but i would personally feel more comfortable going with someone i know…” that’s what i told ya. at least it  was something along those lines i think.

& your answer surprised me. “it looks like we’ll have to get to know each other better then”.

my heart was bumpin’ like sneakers in a dryer. i just refused to admit it.


a week or so later, you pulled into my driveway on your motorcycle. motorcycle. let me repeat. motorcycle.

i was home alone watching my little brother. so i flipped out for a whole thirty seconds before you reached my from door. i called my mom in utter panic because there was a cute boy at our house who showed up on a motorcycle let me repeat motorcycle & i was home with no chaperon besides an eight year old.

despite my meltdown from having a sheltered youth (sheltered from boys especially), you came inside & helped me put away dishes. & i’m fairly certain those were the first dishes you had ever touched. i did laundry & folded clean clothes while you watched. because i wasn’t about to make you mess with folding my step dads underwear or accidentally picking up a thong. awkward.

i shuffled you out the door & we sat on the front steps while we talked & waited for my mom. then my friend from north carolina called & i didn’t really know whether to feel interrupted or saved by an act of God.

i walked over to the garden & hid myself behind a row of sunflowers. i remember throughout the whole phone conversation, glancing through those flowers to look at you. not necessarily in an admiring way… more like out of curiosity.

i dug my bare toes into the dirt & watched you get up & began kicking around a soccer ball with chase. of course, a small little smile crept onto my face at the sight.


when homecoming came around,

we got all dolled up, took some pictures, & you slipped the corsage over my hand & i about poked you with the bootaneer before my mom & both of our sisters took over. you opened my door for me all night & my heart was all sort of fluttery. for real, i was more heart eyed than the emoji.

we got to the dance, didn’t dance, & bailed about 30 minutes after we arrived because we were feelin ice cream instead. to me that was a sign you were a keeper.

the next day, i heard you say the words “i like you” from the passenger seat of your car. & boy i was in the same boat. & thankfully, we haven’t left that boat.

this boat is still rockin’ & i hope this storm we’re in never calms because i wouldn’t mind rockin the boat with you for a good long while.

i can’t imagine sharing this journey with anyone else. long car rides, quiet or talkative. hearty laughs & tight hugs & forever having a hand to hold/beat at thumb wars.

luckilly, i don’t have to.


i wish i could come up with the right words to describe what i saw that day i watched you through the sunflowers. what you did to me that day. what you’ve done to me, for me, with me every day since then.

i know this is like the worlds sappiest love letter type deal & we all know how you feel about a mountain of words. but i guess the reason i wrote this is to say –

there’s plenty of wild flowers out in the field, & you my friend are certainly a wild one. possibly the wildest i’ve ever laid eyes on. but babe, i’m choosing you. i’m picking you & setting you in the prettiest vase i got. i hope to love & take care of ya as long as life allows.


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