i’m not one for deleting pictures after a certain season of life is over. i don’t scroll through my feed, trying to scratch over memories of what no longer is. i believe the Lord takes us on these journeys for a reason, even if we don’t understand. however, instagram has been extra hard for me […]

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misplaced & scattered heart.

the moment i left home, stories started to unfold all around me instantly. the further away i was from my comfortable routine little ohio life, the more i dove into this small space to grow & unravel, to experience, to be vulnerable. & it honestly felt good most days. we were chasing sunsets in the […]

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this is my isaac.

finding the words. i tried to write about it. i wanted to take notes over everything that God was telling me here. i wanted to remember how i felt. how badly it all hurt. but at the same time, find a way to remind myself that – it needed to.   in the same token, […]

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