brave love.

i have seen earthly love fail more than i have watched it succeed. i’ve stood in the rubble of a broken family & learned to hold onto as many pieces as i could from a young young age. i’ve attempted & lost many times when it came to my own relationships & what my love […]

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Hard days.

We’ve all got good days. & if we’re lucky, they may even come in pairs or so. Days dripping in sunshine & laughter. Days that leave us feeling utterly full. Utterly ourselves. But some days, a gap between the pages shows up & it’s a lot uglier & it’s a lot harder to turn. Some […]

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i’m not one for deleting pictures after a certain season of life is over. i don’t scroll through my feed, trying to scratch over memories of what no longer is. i believe the Lord takes us on these journeys for a reason, even if we don’t understand. however, instagram has been extra hard for me […]

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